Usage of non-SDK interfaces (android 9) (DEF-3567)


I receive next error on Google Play pre-launch report: Usage of non-SDK interfaces

It appears only on new Android 9 device.

Logcat: (254.5 KB)

I found more info here:

Is it possible to fix that?


Yes, probably, but we’re not directly using them in engine code. The warnings seems to come from library code that we include. We’ll have to dig deeper and see what can be done. Created: DEF-3567


I just rebuilt game using 1.2.140, and don’t see this warning in google console (it was on 1.2.138)


Nice (?). I don’t think we did any Android related changes in 1.2.139 (and 1.2.140 was a hotfix for fonts only). Perhaps it was on Google’s side.


@AGulev does this still happen or can we close the issue?


No, I can’t reproduce it anymore, I think, we can close this issue.