Untitled Jumper platformer


Hope to finish one game on this week.
Already implemented

  • 70% level generation - logics and configs
  • 90% character controller (based on tile map position, without box2d)

And just today received some animations and found that my character is actually 3d cylinder =)


Game looks cool!

Those tilemaps are huge! I wonder if there is any performance degradation on mobile when using such a large one?


I think it could be. but not on the new device where draw call is not critical
because of this big map I have plus 340 draw call


Just posted the game to the itch.io game jam
it contains new parallax graphics and character color scheme change

main job is still in progress,


Why mouse click to place block? Seems you can’t quickly toggle a block? Could be e key instead? Need an indicator of placement direction too it seems to be the last direction you turned to including down?


2017-09-29 10_30_56-Climb Jumper by nicloay

Check out some of the squash and stretch effects in this demo might be useful for this game



thanks for feedback. and bug reporting - i’ll fix this.

I agree about indicator. Just don’t have enough time to finish the game to the end of the jam. so released a very raw version. Originally i have left and right mouse button to take and place the block. but right now rebuilding this and with indicator i think it will works ok.

Your animations looks pretty. I also have several sequences, but it’s hard for me to make them works in most of cases, because characters jump a lot and fast. so need to make a perfect and precise timing, so it will works for cases when player quickly goes down on stairs. i think later i’ll come back to this task.


make just one “action” button which cut and place the block. and also add the cursor. show which block in action


4 days left. If you hasn’t played and voted for this game please make it here

Below the game you can find what I’m going to add in to this game in the near future.


Thanks to everyone who gave us a vote.
In some categories we are in top3. Thanks to @gekatarina for this such nice graphics