Unofficial Defold Game Jam #2

It’s jam time again!

UDGJ is back! :tada:
We wanted to announce the jam earlier (~ one month before start) than last time so people can prepare and check their calendars. :wink:

The jam will start on Friday June 21st and ends on Sunday June 30th! This means it’s a bit longer than UDGJ1, mainly because we want the jam period to include two weekends. :slight_smile:

The rules and setup is just as previous jam, more info on the jam page below.

The theme will be announced ~1-2 weeks before the jam starts.

What is UDGJ?

UDGJ stands for “Unofficial Defold Game Jam” and is a relaxed game jam, where all the participants make one or more games in Defold. It’s unofficial in the sense that it isn’t officially supported by King but driven by members of the Defold community. More information and rules can be found on the jam page below.


To be announced


Link to game jam: Unofficial Defold Game Jam #2
Join now so you can get notified when the theme is announced, and when the jam starts!


I see I have picked the perfect day to return to the forums! Joined. It’s about time I really committed and actually finished something. Can’t wait to hear the theme!


Ping everyone, pasting the email I just sent out here as well! :slight_smile:

Hi all,
UDGJ #2 is less than two weeks away and we hope everyone are as excited as we are!

We wanted the theme to be available before the jam starts so people can start thinking of ideas beforehand, instead of wasting precious time during the jam. Today we are happy to announce the theme:


Just as last time, we wanted to have a vague theme that can be interpreted in many ways. So kick start your brains and let the inspiration flow! If you feel stuck, do a simple google search, find inspiration in a synonym or why not ask a friend what they associate “source” with? Don’t forget to keep fellow jammers updated on your progress in the Defold forums!

Got the best idea ever? Can’t wait to start? Remember that the rules are very relaxed and you are allowed to start hacking away even before the jam! :wink:

Happy hacking!
/The UDGJ Team


Yes, pretty vague theme :smiley: I think some idea is shaping in my head, hope I could transform it into a complete game :smiley:


The same day UDGJ2 was announced, an idea sprung to my mind and I even tentatively started to work on it and I’m pleased to say that the theme doesn’t fit that idea at all. Which is probably a good thing. I enjoy coming up with new ideas, just as long as I can stop being obsessed with the other idea and get excited about a new one.

And there’s already a few forming in my head, so it looks good.


Sadly my team will probably not be able to release something by then since I am really busy. I hope for the next Jam


So… source. First idea I had was “source of infestation/infection” and a game where you root out a hidden threat. Or make it “dissent” if you want to be Orwellian about it.

“Water” or “sustenance” was another. Some sort of survival in a desert. Or source of water as in leaky pipes. Anyone played Pipe Dream/Mania? Something like that would be easy, fun and quick to make.

On the abstract side there’s source as in informer. Some spy/jouralism themed game? Not sure what the gameplay would look like, but it is a possibility.

I wonder if simply making the game open-source would be enough. Maybe something terribly meta could be an option.

As for me, I’ll go with what I feel is the most obvious interpretation and base my game on “Source of EVIL”. I had an idea for a simple game where you play as unspeakable lovecraftian horror some time back and this is a good excuse to dust it off. I checked the project out and for all the work I did it will be best to start from scratch, but at least I can use some of the graphics I made for it.


Haha I’ve been thinking along both of those lines! I’m currently leaning towards the spy-thing, I have a vague idea of what I want to do, but need to narrow down the scope. :+1:


Source of honey, bzzzzzt. Some kind of hive management simulator?

Sourcerer is a cool name, now to come up with actual idea…


I had a similar association soon after I posted my previous comment. In the Witcher series (potential) mages are called a source, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case in some other fantasy worlds.


Ha!! Another Defold Jam. I’m going to make a superb game this time, and

I won’t give up like last time!! :muscle: :muscle:


Haha, great name, magical, I would say :smiley:

It was my first thought :smiley: I am thinking about using Defluid in my game about source of water or something like that :smiley:

Keeping my fingers crossed! :wink:


Ooh! Saw the subject now (sry, havent been in here for a while). Immediately got a really nice idea but will not have much time as we are “crunching” at work right now. Will try to take a 24h jam within this time and make something!
Hopefully I will be able to stream it as well if people would be interested to watch.


Yes, please do, sounds fun! :smiley:


I just hope it’s not too hot next week. I can’t function when it’s over 30. There’s been some nice rains in the past few days and the weather is fine just now, but I’m afraid another heat wave is going to hit soon and I’ll have to spend most of the jam time in the shower =D

I’m trying to finish my original idea (which didn’t fit the theme) before the jam starts. I’m not quite there yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to show off something soon.


Going the “source-code” route I think :slight_smile:


We want Defold hoodies, t-shirts or socks as a prize!
Until then, I’m out :crazy_face:


We have this.

We don’t have this.

I will send t-shirts and socks to three randomly selected submissions.


:open_mouth: Socks? Socks! This just got serious…


Socks rocks! :smiley: