Unable to load spine plugin

Hi, I am new to Defold and was looking at the runner tutorials on the website to try to get my hands dirty.
Couldn’t do much since I came across this error. I tried changing the URL dependency but that still didn’t get it to disappear.
Here’s the error I am talking about.
Thanks for the help.

When using plugins, it’s important to make sure you use the correct versions.

E.g. what version of the editor are you using? (e.g. 1.4.3?)

And, what version of the extension-spine are you using?

Currently, the official Defold version is 1.4.3, and the latest Spine extension that works with that version is version 2.7.1

Thanks for the quick response.
I am using version 1.3.6

then I copied and pasted this link straight from the tutorial into my game project dependencies.

Well, that is the bleeding edge version, and you’re never guaratueed that the latest version of an extension is compatible with your version.
We recommend using a specific release version (See the Releases pages of each extension)

In short, we continue development of all extensions, and are catering for the latest stable release (or even the beta release, such as this case).

So, whenever you see a dependency link like this, think “Hmm, which version should I use?”

We are trying to update those documentation links to something more suitable.

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Thanks again for your quick responses.
So I ended up updating my editor to 1.4.3 as well as changing the version of the extension-spine to 2.7.1 as you mentioned.
It’s working fine now.
Thanks a ton!

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You’re welcome!
I’m glad it worked!

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