Tweet Defold as Unity alternative

Has anyone started tweeting Defold as alternative to Unity on Twitter? Perhaps the community could participate in a tweet flashmob? #unityalternative #unityrefugee

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From what I saw on other forums and Youtube comments, alot of people are ditching Unity amidst this pay-per-install controversy. People are searching for open-source alternative and there are alot of relatively unknown engines mentioned, however, in none of those comments I saw someone mentioning Defold. Mostly, only Godot as direct Defold competitor is mentioned.

This is great time for developers learning about and switching to Defold with a little viral marketing.


Yes, we are quite active on Twitter right now:

and more.

Godot is probably getting more mentions, but I am also seeing Defold:

And there are even more examples.


Defold team is doing a great job on twitter. Answering questions and promoting the engine.
Anyone who can make collages/clips of your own games or prototypes to share it. It would help a lot!
(I’m trying it but my projects are so bad)


This is hilarious))) almost 100k views :muscle:

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