Transparency issued in the editor (not the game itself) (SOLVED, KINDA)

Hi there! I’m on my way to do lighting in Defold, and maybe provide it as one plugin in the assets store. Problem is, I’m facing several issues, one being that the object that is a light source is represented by a quad with a lamp texture. I’m using a billboarding shader to make the lamp always face the camera. Problem is, it has no transparency where it should have.

Tho in the game, it has a regular transparency (note that this quad is never actually drawn in a real game, i only drew it so i could see the problem better)

Anything to solve the problem?

One of the thing i came up with to solve is instead of using a billboarding sprite why not just fully model the lamp? I’m working on the model, but IMHO i much preffer the sprite lamp

As i talk to ppl in the discord server, theres no way to make transparency in the editor. This is sorta bad, but not unusable. I may share this lighting system in the forums later some time, it is totally usable, just not ideal:

for the model workaround, it didnt go too well, i used verte colors and in the editor the lamp is pure black in all the mesh, but it works in game, but the lamp sprite is definetly the way to go.

Please create a ticket on GitHub so we can keep track of this!