Translating Defold docs



I started contributing to Defold by translating the manuals to Polish :poland: :wink:
When it will be completed I will be promoting it among Polish gamedevs to check it out :wink:

For now I created the first pull request with basic structure, copied images and translated first few manuals:

I hope to continue it systematically, whenever I will have some more time :wink:



The first couple of manuals are now available:



Though my language is not the biggest in the world, I’m very happy to share this knowledge with my nationals in our native language :smiley: Thank you @britzl for merging this!



Is there any possibility @britzl to do this slowly slowly in greek ? Thanks

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Yes of course, for any language! :wink:

You will need to make it using git however, but we can guide you step by step, this is one of the best manuals for creating a pull request:

To do this on your Windows PC, you can install Git Bash:

Then create a catalog somewhere on your disk, click RMB and open a Git Bash console there and follow the instructions above using address: as a base, and your fork in your own account on Github as a branch in which you are making changes (as described in the first manual I linked)

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Sure. The documentation is on GitHub:

Fork the repository, create a folder for the Greek language and start translating! Send a pull request when you have translated a few pages.



The most useful advantage of translating it is definitely, that you are reading through the documentation with a focus and you are getting to know all the nuances of the engine :wink:



Ok I ll start slowly slowly bec will be good to be in my language the manuals. Thanks for any details I can ask @pawel.jarosz21 to guide because github I do not know good, not to say at all, you know I am noob but good with defold community is that loves noobs :smile:. Thanks



this off course is best :smiley:

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I added some notes for translators:



I will also change so that the images used in the manuals are taken exclusively from the English manuals. As it is now the images are copied for each new language which is a waste of space really.



I saw git has documentation in download so i ll read to see how use and start slowly slowly. Also @pawel.jarosz21 I ask @britzl to make a facebook page greek for defold of community not official off course and i do not know if you have done sth like this too. If not maybe you will want to make. I ask before one week but didnt find time to start it. But this of manuals will be great for newcomers devs from my part to see that exist a greek page too. Which I think or today or tomorrow I think I will try make for sure. Thanks



I was wondering if I should suggest something like this! :smiley: Yeah, it would be better to have all of them in one place. At last I won’t be making new images, even if there are some english words - it’s better to explain them in the text below or above for example :wink:

@Elpidoforos_Gkikas In Poland we have one popular forum, where I’m posting about Defold and this translation and polish gamedevs are also gathering on Discord :wink: I’ll check for some facebook groups too :wink:



in setup of git had about 20 :smile: ok maybe 10 choices to press I didnt understand even what asking to choose so I let default and I press to all next next. Thanks

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You do not need a command line tool. It is enough to have a graphical Git client installed such as GitHub Desktop.

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yes to tell you truth came out command line and i do not know what to press lol :smile: I will download the other you say thanks



ok I open the other says for repository … ok I will maybe see a tut at youtube not make you crazy by asking things. And when I will translate I will ask then what to do. Thanks



can I ask sth @britzl why is written deprecated open this or this and when i open nothing opens says 404 , should not the one which not used to be deleted as is only the titles, if I write down which gives 404 can we delete them? also sth else is the manuals the *.md or I am at wrong place ? thanks



You need a GitHub account. And you need to fork (basically copy) the repository containing the documentation. When you have your own copy you can open it in GitHub Desktop.

Which page are you referring to?

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for example I pressed 2d graphics and saying go there at graphics …I pressed and said 404

ok I found the fork and I done clone to my github desktop I think I am ok now