Top down car


My greetings to the community.
I want to make a top down game with platformer levels i don’t know anything about programming in general
The Lua from what i have seen so far is considered as an easy language to learn so i decided to go for it.
I want to know how to aproach car mechanics from where to start.
Do I should make a use of kinematic body for my car how to implement delta time? etc



Hello! The easiest option is to use a dynamic body and move it with impulses. This makes the car move and collide naturally. In a game I made I used a sprite with a slightly delayed rotation to simulate drift. This worked surprisingly well. Good luck!

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If the car is dynamic it will not falling to the -Y axis?
How we can manage that?



Set the gravity to 0! Magic.



But then the car how will be considered dynamic?



It still reacts to forces and impulses, just not gravity.



You can move dynamic bodies around by applying forces to them with the “apply_force” message. Even if there’s no gravity, the body will still be simulated. It will still collide with other bodies. You should definitely read the Physics manual and API reference.

I think there are a lot of different ways to do top-down cars, depending on how realistic you want it. I think you can google “2d car physics” and fine some decent explanations. I’ve never done this myself so I’m not much help, but if I was going to start experimenting, I would start with something like an Asteroids ship, and then add a force to simulate sideways friction.



Ok i have to test it and play with the settings thanks totebo for your time

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Ross this is a good idea i have to test it out thanks brother



There is an example, a racer: Victory Lane - overhead car racing game bye @benjames171 :wink:

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Interesting approach! I would love to see a demo of this, do you still have it?

I have been meaning to create a top-down car game in Defold, but just can’t manage to get some good/fun “arcady” physics.

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Well, the game is still live! :slight_smile: