Tomb Girl


Hello Guys!
After many study and program hours I have something to show. :smiley:

Here is my defold hello world. it is still under development. but it is my study case to learn more about defold features.

Starting now I will post here all my progrees.

I will really apreciate yours feedbacks

Thanks for all!

12 days until the deadline of the Defold 2017 competition!

Nice! It reminds me of the old Amiga game Pang: I spent many hours playing that game with my friends.


Looks good! I like the googly eyed dinosaur.


I thought exactly the same, loved that game. :smiley:


Noyce :grinning:


Wow i dont know it. my game it was base on the Super Pang from Snes. hahaha


yeah!!! This was my first sprite creation using Spriter software. Thanks to @britzl


Sou seu fã cara! haha

Can’t wait to play this!


ahahah thanks man!


Hey Guys!!! New feature!!!

I have past the last two days (and nights :sleepy:) studying and learning how works collection proxy, gui and gui.animation. But now I have created my first game starting scene. :heart_eyes:

Isn’t so simple and not so complex too… but works and now i need to focus on dev new features to the core game…

So… please send me your suggestions.


okok!!! its time to new features!!!

1 - show points when hit at balls or kill enimies.
2 - use factories to respaw dino eggs
3 - put the dino to born from eggs.
4 - kill the dino.

the movements aren’t 100% sync yet. But I will fix this tomorrow. (I need take a nap now… :sleepy:)

See you tomorrow guys!!!


Today i kept my focus at improve some features and properties of project. Follow some of improvements:

  1. Resize all sprites and images and resave them on flattened png format. Before my apk file was in 80mb now it is over 65mb

  2. Improve the egg behavior, now has a idle movement and a more fine crashing…

  3. resize the dizzy-dino sprite to a more fine behavior and better look.

  4. add a start and end animation to shield power and made him hit balls too.

is only this for now. have a good night for all!

Actual game:


If you wish to compress the textures, you might want to look into texture profiles which may help you compress the textures for each platform.


well well.
Today I worked really hard. :smiley:

Refactoring some codes… and putting alot of FX sounds in whole game.

Today a have learned more details about defold collision object. that solved a problem at game. Thanks for all help.

And now finally it is possible release a test version. Here is the apk file… if you want to try it on your android phone.

I have tried put a html5 project into git hub like @britzl id. but i can’t did it works. Anyone knows what am i doing wrong?

here is the page…

Tomorrow i will focus in finish the menu, and game over scenes.

See you!!!


It seems like there’s a mismatch among the files pushed to GitHub pages. I suggest that you bundle a new HTML5 version and make sure that you replace all files before pushing them to GH pages.


hi @britzl,

1 - all files were deleted and commited.
2 - i Build a new release an publish again

the same error again.

at my local server works fine… any new idea?


You seem to be getting unexpected size. I used to manually edit the expected value in the archive file but I presume it’s happening due to line endings Linux vs windows.


Remember you can publish a html5 and then put the on!


And you are pushing all of the files to GH pages? Which files end up with modifications that you push to GH pages? It’s usually at least archive_files.json, game.darc0 and possibly one or two others.


yeah… all pages:
here is my repo.
if out these project in a local server. works… but in github isn’t working.