Toggle surrounding editor panes


We just introduced a feature that allows you to customize the editor window layout. You can now toggle showing the surrounding panes from the View menu. The state of the surrounding panes will persist between editing sessions. This allows you to make the most of the available screen real-estate in various situations.

We think people will toggle visibility of the panes a lot, so we decided to assign prominent keyboard shortcuts for toggling the panes.

  • F6 toggles the Assets pane to the left.

  • F7 toggles the bottom Tools pane that hosts the Console, Curve Editor, etc.

  • F8 toggles the Property pane to the right.

In order to free up these shortcut keys, we had to tweak the existing behavior somewhat:

  • The Run With Debugger, Attach Debugger and Continue debug menu entries have been merged into a single item. It is now Start / Attach until a connection has been established, and changes to Continue when you hit a breakpoint. Start / Attach will build and run the game if it has not been started yet, otherwise it will attach to the running game. All of these now share the context-sensitive F5 keyboard shortcut.

  • The keyboard shortcut for Debug > Break was removed.

  • The keyboard shortcut for Debug > Stop Debugger was removed on macOS, because it was showing as fn F5 even though you also had to press Shift. We felt it would scare people away from using the Continue shortcut.

Please let us know if you run into any issues!


Defold 1.2.151 has been released


Is there an F11 to go completely fullscreen? Like Notepad++ or Sublime Text.






This is amazing!



There’s not a single-key shortcut that toggles everything, but most keyboards allow you to press several function keys at once. In our case F11 is taken by Step Into when debugging.



This is something great! I love the editor! :heart: now, just waiting for improved autocomplete :smiley:



Is there fullscreen mode possible with some key press?

I guess Mac users may have always had a fullscreen mode? Possible on Windows like Notepad++ or Sublime Text?

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Not at the moment, no.

You do get fullscreen support ”for free” on macOS, but I don’t use it much since I tend to move between applications a lot and the fullscreen animations get in the way. I don’t think you’re losing out, not having it on Windows.



Maybe you could bind the toggle everything to the double click on an editor tab, many editors do that…actually it’s the first thing i tried to do