Tiny logo strapline

Ok, I’ll be the first to say it - on mobile the logo strapline looks dinky. So small.

I think this changed a few weeks ago, but it took me so long to pluck up the courage to say anything.


Correct. It was changed a few weeks ago. And for an insanely stupid reason… Are you ready?

The Defold trademark registration covers two things. The first is the logo:


The second is the logo and Defold wordmark which according to the application is defined like this with the DEFOLD text beneath the logo:


Note that it is perfectly ok to put the wordmark to the right of the logo like this:


The problem is that the actual trademark application specifies “beneath” and not “to the right of” and we are currently filing a “declaration of use” document which is a thing you are legally obliged to do to keep trademarks that you have filed. And in order to keep using the logo + wordmark on the forum we have to use the one with the wordmark beneath the logo for a period of time.

Yes, the reason for the change of logo is that stupid… We could file for a change where both “beneath” and “to the right of” or perhaps “next to” is used, but it will cost a fair bit of money that we’d rather spend elsewhere at the moment. We are using the logo + wordmark this way in a couple of other places so we’ll probably switch back to the logo with wordmark to the right on the mobile site soon.



Trademarks work in mysterious ways. Apologies for taking the spotlight off an awesome game engine. As you were!


So much honesty here yet so much sadness :sweat_smile: