The '...' button under the post and deleting the post


I accidentally raise the topic on the forum.

Each time I click a few dots under the post to see the likes, I automatically click again to close them. In fact I click on “Delete”… and then again on “Restore.” So the post rises to top on the main forum page.

Is this a limitation of the forum, or can it be customized somehow?



Not sure, haven’t heard of this before. We use Discourse as forum software.



You can click to the like button to see your likes (you can’t like your own post, it shows your likes instead), I rarely use “…” button.

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Maybe your mouse button is broken? I had that not long ago - sometimes a normal click would register as a double click, so you open the “…” submenu and the icon that appears under the cursor gets immediately clicked.



Thanks! This is solution, I did not know about it.