Texture compression cache to speed up building/bundling


The building/bundling process for me across multiple platforms takes a long time, even with small changes, because every texture is redone. With big projects this adds up to long times waiting, but it seems like it could be made faster with a texture compression cache.

I would like the option to set a folder when building from the editor / bob to use a texture cache which saves a cache of compressed textures along with their original hash / path / texture profile setting. That way these built files can be pulled from the cache instead of needing to all be rebuilt every time. This would speed up build/bundle times at the cost of some hard drive space.



I’m not entirely sure what you mean here.

That’s not how the build works.
If I rebuild a project twice (same platform), the second time it’s much faster due to the fact that the texture are already built.

But, if you are proposing a platform specific build folder, then yes, that’t a good idea.



I didn’t notice a speed up. When selecting webp every build takes several minutes compared to seconds with a default compression.

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That feels like a bug then. Is it the same with bob?



I’d need to measure exact times but when bundling from the editor it seems like times are the same with and without clean builds (as in manually deleting build folder). Maybe a single small change makes it so the next build is completely redone? Is bob using “clean” when bundling from the editor?

When I do release builds I usually do win/mac/linux directly after each other with a build script. I’ll do some tests but I think the build folder does get reset due to platform changes.



Doing release / debug builds also seems to reset it? But those should not have an impact on textures?



True, there seems to be something a bit strange going on here. Although it could be that we throw away the build cache when switching between debug and release.

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Didn’t try bob.