Text input glitches with 7 characters?

I used this tutorial to create my own label and label input on Defold.
Defold text input tutorial
It works fine, except for when I input 7 characters, which causes the GUI to glitch and move ever so slightly, but noticeably.
It reverts back to normal when I input 8+ characters and doesn’t have the issue with 0-6 characters.
Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Which font are you using?
And what is the text you’re inputting?

Just the default one? and it doesn’t seem to matter what I’m inputting, its just the 7th character that makes it go odd… I’ve tried 1234567 etc and also just random keys qwertyu for example

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Sounds really strange. The example you linked works so it must be something in your own setup.

Are you using a Label component or the Text node of a GUI component?

Things to try:

  • Try Project->Build HTML5 - Does it behave the same way?
  • Try with a different font
  • If you’re using a Label component double check that there is no subtle rotation on the label component or the game object
  • Share the project here as a zip file

I’ll try these and get back to you - thank you

I’m not able to reproduce the problem. It works perfectly fine for me:

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Kept messing about with it over the weekend and managed to make it stop by changing the “material” element… No idea what I really did though, but seems to have stopped.
Thank you for your help though!

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