Testing live-update in html5: Byte mismatch in decrypted manifest signature (SOLVED)


Describe the bug
Hello all, I’m trying to understand how work live-updating in Defold in html5.
I read the official guide about it, selected method: ZIP

live testing link:

resources I uploaded here:

generated keys as described here and set up in setting of liveupdate.settings file.

To Reproduce

  1. Press “load manifest” - works fine
  2. Press “load resources” - error.

Expected behavior
To see the planet on the screen after loading resources:

Defold version:

  • Version [1.2.168]


  • Platforms: HTML5 / windows

Minimal repro case project


Does anyone say me please where I missed something? Does it matter in which directory the keys are generated?

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Hi all, someone help please, have same problem :slight_smile:

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Can you try reboot game after store new manifest ?
I didn’t find in the documentation, but here : Live Updates
Looks like work for me…

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talked wtih @denis.smirnov.by in PM, he tested on local server, on local server for me works fine too without reboots of app also.



tested on windows app, same issues. locally all fine, when using remote server :
ERROR:RESOURCE: Byte mismatch in decrypted manifest signature. Different keys used for signing?
tried with http/https… tried also to do without generated keys, same result.



UP! I also started using a remote server and ran into this problem.
Does this seem like a Defold bug…

ERROR:RESOURCE: Byte mismatch in decrypted manifest signature. Different keys used for signing?

Windows build with ZIP mode. I’m too check locally and that’s working )



We’re discussing it and will start investigation soon.



I’m starting to look into this today.

Although I’m going to try to reproduce it on my own, it would be great if you could perhaps share your test project with me?

Sorry, I missed the repo you shared there :confused:

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Do you have WASM headers set properly?



@Pkeod I use default html template, need I set something is related to WASM?



I checked the headers of your .wasm file on the server in the first post and did not see

content-type: application/wasm

It could possibly cause issues.



Btw, when you check locally, are you using a local file server, similar to this?

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer



@Mathias_Westerdahl I use Node js lib http-server

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Check this? https://curiousprog.com/2018/10/08/serving-webassembly-files-with-a-development-web-server/

Whatever you need to do, the MIME header needs to be set right, if you look in the console you can see it is complaining about it being wrong too.

wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘compile’ on ‘WebAssembly’: Incorrect response MIME type. Expected ‘application/wasm’.

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I see… I tested on my hosting provider that I use for our site-portfolio, no idea how to set config for MIME header here. I will try to use other hosting / server where I can set configs manually.

P.S. btw, looks like better to use Amazon option instead of ZIP in that case…



but locally all works fine, looks like issue is related to MIME header setting on web-hosting…

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Yeah, not sure what MIME type the resources should have though. Some sort of binary I assume.



does anyone have works example with ZIP method of loading resources? with remote server.



What service did you use to host your files? What is their default mime type?
Perhaps you could try hosting the files in the github-repo you linked to?

Another workaround, might be to add the suffix “.bin” to all files, to see if that triggers the mime type.



I tried to host on guthub-repo, now works!
dunno why manifest no loading, but resource are loaded okay. loading manifest also works.

so now, we know the reason, that’s good, I can continue the experiments with live-update!

for hosting I use hostland but now we see that problem was in MIME header.