Testing HTML5 game on Mobile

Hello fellow Defolders! I got a quick question for y’all…

Is there any way I can test my HTML5 Build on a Mobile device’s browser? Thanks!

To do that you would need to set up a server on your computer and visit it through the phone. Check out the HTML5 Deployment Docs for how to do that quickly and easily.

This is just one way to do it, if you want to set up a server some other way, you can, provided all the files are hosted in the same way.

After that, visit the sight by typing in the computers private ip and port as a link in the phone’s browser(port will be whatever port you chose for the server.)

Ex: (host computer’s IP + port server is hosted on)


Hello! You can push your game as a public page on GitHub and check it from a phone

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Another trick is also to launch it from the editor, and then use your computers IP and the port that the game is using.

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I’m embarrassed I didn’t know to do this before…

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I aint gonna lie, I had read that bit of Doc about half a dozen times, but it was that last line (your example) that made it all click! It may be 5 in the morning over here, but I finally got to try my game on my iphone without having to pay Apple $100/year for a Dev Account. So thank you very much!

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Ok, I seriously need to learn how github works HAHAHA! That sounds awesome!

I think thats what I ended up doing? I had to do the python simpleHTMLserver thing from terminal. But hell yeah! It works! (finally)

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Right? As long as you get around to it, I figure its all good. I am glad I asked, I was stuck af.

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