Teal has no syntax highlighting?

Loving the new teal support as it will reduce my bugs by 90%
I am not getting any syntax highlighting with my .tl files. I have tlconfig.lua in the root as per the doc. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for any response.

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Correct. We chose to release the Teal support early to gather feedback and then do incremental releases. There is currently no syntax highlighting.


Thank you. So far it is working great for me. It picks up anything I try to do that is naughty.


Good to know, I will reinstall the teal extension once it gets syntax highlighting. I really find that helps my coding.

Thanks for the great feature!

One more thing, is there a compile time hit? Does it take longer to do an editor play/build ?

Yes, the .tl files will get transpiled to .lua. The time it takes depends on your computer, but in most cases it should not be noticeable.