Swipe settings for older or elderly users

I am about to implement swiping for my 2D museum project (an html project) meant for mobiles. When swiping horizontally, the visitor can go from one room to the next/previous one. I expect the users to be older and quite a few of them elderly.
Has anyone here ever made a mobile app for such a target group? If so, I would be interested in what settings for swiping you found work best for them.
I wonder if it might even be best to not implement swiping at all but to rely on large buttons for navigation.
I’d be very grateful if you could give me your opinion.

I think pressing a button will be more intuitive for the target audience you have.

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@britzl Thank you Björn - I tend to agree. I am just a bit worried about going against a convention and folks moaning about it. I assume most might just expect swiping navigation on a mobile device. :thinking: But on the other hand - let’s break some rules :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think buttons are simple and clear but is it worth sacrificing the overall aesthetic-experience you are going for? Can swiping be perfectly fine with an introductory set of instructions on the screen telling the user how to navigate then removed and a way to get the navigation instructions whenever needed? Imho I think this way would be better for such an art project.

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@MasterMind - thank you! These are very valid points you make, too. Ach, I am torn. :weary: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I could do both, buttons and swiping. But am very unsure about the settings for the latter. Probably allow for a bit more time, a larger distance and slightly more vertical swipes than usual? :thinking:

The buttons are quite large, but I put them as signs on the doorframes, like you could find them in a real museum, too. One door each side, the paintings in the centre, covering most of the screen. So, the buttons do blend in quite well and aren’t too intrusive.
In any case, the 2D version is meant as an alternative for mobile devices that are unable to run the 3D version. Just a backup, so to speak.

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