Support for Spine animation "Bounding Boxes"


To be able to utilize “Bounding Boxes” imported from a Spine JSON.


Can you explain what your use case is?


To easily implement collision boxes that collide with other objects and is set to do something within Defold via Script.

For example: If I have a Spine animation that “shoots a bullet” out of a gun, and a separate animation that is an “enemy death”. In Spine, I would then create a “boundng box” (which is attached to a bone) around each individual animation, and then being able to import the JSON into Defold where with a Lua script the “bounding boxes” would act as custom collision boxes where when the “bullet” animation collides with “enemy” then “enemy death” plays.

I hope this makes sense, and I feel this would really simplify the entire game development process and be more precise for collisions.


You can attach game objects with collision components to bones though so it’s kinda similar sin’t it. The difference I guess would be that the collision shapes would be the same where as spine bounding boxes can be deformed.


Thank you for your response! Is it possible to attach a collision box in Defold to any specific bone from a Spine animation?

For example, if I had a bullet shooting and my player / character combined into a single animation would I be able to attach several collision boxes based off specific bones.

In this case, a collision box to a bone on my character, and then a collision box attached to the bone that is the bullet (which follows the animated motion).


You don’t attach individual collision objects to bones. What you do is that you attach game objects containing collision components to the bones.

Use spine.get_go("foo#myspinecomponent", "boneid") to get the game object for a bone. Then use “set_parent” to parent a game object to the bone.

This is obviously a bit cumbersome, but it would work.