Support for more than 16 shapes in a collision object

WARNING:GAMESYS: Too many shapes in collision object. Up to 16 is supported (18). Discarding overflowing shapes.

See above. 18 collisions shapes are hardly excessive. Could this limit be configurable in game.project file?



Maybe you could use tilesource for this and add collision there?

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Probably! Let’s have a look:

The error originates from this line of code:

Ok, so it uses the COLLISION_OBJECT_MAX_SHAPES constant. Where is it? Ah, here we go:

So, in theory we should expose that value all the way from the game project config. The values are read here:



Ha ha ha, you’re loving this new freedom Björn!

This is pretty amazing. Great to look at the exposed inner workings of Defold. I won’t be able to make this change myself, but hope someone might!