Strange warning and game frozen

I have the following warning:

WARNING:DLIB: String table full in profiler

First time I see it. Moreover the game is completely frozen; I had to force the exit. But there was no crash and nothing else shown in the console.

What is this? Someone could please help?


I’ve never seen this happen myself.

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I haven’t seen this happen either. It means that the table containing the string names of each profile scope is full.
It shouldn’t affect the rest of the game (the log should probably ony log once)

@Pkeod @Mathias_Westerdahl thanks for your replies!

Let me just add that I was not using the profiler, or at least it was to shown on screen. But I don’t know exactly what a “profile scope” is…


It is the left-most of the three tables of profiling data. A profile scope is a grouping of profiling data. “Script scope” shows the time spent in scripts, “Sound scope” the time spent in sound components etc

It’s always on in the debug mode.

A scope is the range where a variable is valid. Just like in a function, local variables are valid until either the end of the function, or the end of the… scope.
E.g. in C++, a scope is within the curly braces “{” “}”:

  int a = 17;
a = 9; // invalid, since the variable isn't defined in this scope

And a “profile scope”, means we profile (time and record info) about that scope, for later display in the “profiler”.


While testing my game on Mac I got this in the console:

WARNING:DLIB: String table full in profiler

and the game is freezed!

I am using 1.2.190 and launched the game via the editor.

It has only happened to you in the past so not much helpful info on what could be the cause. Is it reproducible currently? If so please send a snapshot of that to Defold devs.


Absolutely NOT reproducible. The profiler was not on screen. Unique clue: I left the game running for a very long time, let say some hours. I don’t have any other information to add…

Note: Merged the two topics as they are about the same thing.

Happened again. And again I was playing the game for some hours.