Strange rendering behavior with Intel HD Grafics 530


Hi, I have a strange rendering behavior in my project.

Project 1280*800, based on Critique Gaming Boilerplate

I have navigation buttons as GUI,
at first I set texture and flipbook(image) in INIT function of a GUI_SCRIPT and afterwards I change both(texture and flipbook) by one button in ON_MESSAGE function.
All buttons work always (functional) properly. But…

Most, after start I see only buttons initialized in INIT function, but not the button with texture changed in ON_MESSAGE,
sometime it is vice versa: I see only button with in ON_MESAGE changed texture, but no other buttons.

If I downsize window from native 1280*800 to 905x565 pixel, all elements become abrupt displayed properly and I see all buttons as they should be. One pixel more: 906x566 and scene is again corrupt.

I have thought, I make something wrong and I have made new project from the “Desktop game” template, built --> black screen instead of white background + defold logo,
If I resize the game window from 1280x720 to 905x509 pixel all elements are displayed properly.

I have found no errors in log file as well.

Do you have any Idea how to fix this behavior?

Dell OptiPlex 3040 :
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Grafics: Intel® HD Graphics 530
Shader-Version: 5.1
OpenGL* Version: 4.6
OpenCL* Version: 2.1
Vulkan* Version: 1.1.120

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Can you share the project as well? (zip the project and exclude .git, .internal and build folders)



Hi, of course. (3.7 MB)

I have tried to run the project on two another devices:

Latitude E6430 i5 / Intel HD 4000 + Nvidia NVS 5200
There I cannot build project, it goes broken with
Unable to get reflection data:
Unable to get reflection data:
Unable to get reflection data:
Unable to get reflection data:
it is strange besause i have started to develop there


on Dell i7-4790 / Radeon R7 250
there the project works well as it should, without any issue



Did you receive an editor update perhaps? We recently migrated to OpenGL 3. It could be a problem with the drivers on this laptop perhaps?

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No , I think no.
Editor works well and all another examples, assets, tutorials work well , even a “extracted” part of this project works properly(!).

According OpenGL Extensions Viewer 6, Open GL is supported. up to v. 4.0, directX 11 and no Vukan support.