Steamdeck Frame Limiter + Keyboard summoning

We got one of our Defold based games reviewed for Steamdeck and it is marked as playable (doesn’t have a green verified checkmark), has a few failures.

One of them is:


Frame Limiter Supported

Title was found to run at reduced speed when capped to 30 FPS.

The build they reviewed is quite old (2020) so doesn’t have any of the recent improvements to vsync for example. What I’m wondering is if anyone else with a Defold based game on Steam if this failed for you too?

The Frame Limiter is a feature Steamdeck owners can turn on that forces games to run at 30FPS as far as I know.

Another one of the failures in our game is related to text entry



Test failed due to text input not automatically invoking the on-screen keyboard in game. We highly encourage providing support for the on-screen keyboard for fields requiring text input to provide an optimal out-of-box experience on the Steam Deck. As of the Steamworks SDK 1.52, ISteamUtils Interface provides the ShowFloatingGamepadTextInput and FloatingGamepadTextInputDismissed_t member function which allow you to open the on-screen keyboard and also be notified when it is closed. The following text fields do not trigger the on-screen keyboard: player name

This test result is causing your title to be Playable.

This will be fixable with an update to but I don’t have a Steamdeck yet myself and the one I can get won’t be possible to ship until October so can’t verify if it does work myself.

I can’t offer any help unfortunately. Wish I’d asked the Defold team to sign up for a devkit back when it first launched - they might have had a better chance than me at getting one! I’ve got some input issues that I’m struggling to diagnose. Seems hopeless for them to get one now given how long the waiting times are.

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They will get one but it might be later this year still. :slight_smile:

More communication from Valve. The Frame Limiter stuff can be ignored?

I’ll try to setup a dev environment in the near future so I can test the keyboard issue.

[#2.1] The criteria requires that all text input field automatically summon the on-screen keyboard regardless of if they are mandatory or not.
[#2.2] Unfortunately, we are still very supply constrained with developer kits, and will be unable to send you one at this time. That said, we are planning to make more kits available to developers in the future - we’ll be sharing more information when possible.
[#2.3] You can find information on how to setup a Steam Deck environment without a Dev-Kit here: Developing for Steam Deck without a Dev-Kit (Steamworks Documentation)
[#2.4] We recommend using one of the two Steamworks SDK on-screen keyboard APIs, depending on your use case: ShowFloatingGamepadTextInput (sends direct key inputs) and ShowGamepadTextInput (callback-based). Specific documentation links and other general information can be found here: Getting your game ready for Steam Deck (Steamworks Documentation)
[#3] The results for SteamFrameLimiterCorrectlyLimitsFramerate are purely informational and do not need to be actioned (they can safely be ignored). They do not impact the certification status of your title.

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