Starting/Loading screen design


Hey, could you design the starting screen of defold more ‘neutral’ in terms of colors, content, and amount of game examples? Or make it optional in the preferences. Because the way it looks now, i have a bad experience already with the engine just loading.
Sorry that i don’t like it, but it’s just a bit too much of everything.

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Do you mean the splash?

I imagine you’d want something closer to this

It is important to highlight games made with Defold, that’s what the splash does currently, though it has not been updated in a while.

Making the splash not show as an optional setting is code wise possible to add. Please create an issue on the GitHub for the feature request if you feel strongly about this.



Yes. that exactly. Now i had to see it again lol.
I’m currently looking for an engine to work with, so i will just switch to another one.
But that thing was, what drove me off.
Thanky you for your help.



I honestly find it cool. Starting up Defold feels a bit like embarking on an adventure, but I get how that’s down to preference.

Regardless, it’s odd that you’re bothered enough by a screen you rarely see (I restart Defold at most 3 times a week) to move to another engine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a picky person, but I’m more rather picky about the design and functionality of the tools that I use most often. That’s like refusing a present without opening it because the wrapping is nicked in a corner.

I say, give Defold a chance. We have cool and easy to use tools and a scripting language (Lua) so simple its full syntax grammar fits on an A4. :wink:



Wow. When given gold some people complain it’s heavy.



You’re right, it’s a bit odd. But i get easily influenced, so, seeing the splash screen, i think, that’s what’s this engine’s about. Coulnd’t work with blender, as long as their splash screen was some weird stuff. Also that when i don’t get some creative decisions, i won’t bother, because i assume the thing behind it comes from the same mind. I know it’s stupid, but it works in general.

Thanks for the info. I guess i will check it out!



This is judging a book by its cover. It had its place in our evolutionary history but maybe not so much when judging the substance of development software. :upside_down_face:



I think the Defold’s Splash so cool ._.



Well, I have to admit that I would be very happy if the loading screen was updated from time to time according to the new games developed in Defold.
But it’s just a detail that doesn’t affect my view of Defold as such.



Three solutions to your problem:

  1. Start the editor and immediately go grab a cup of coffee. When you come back the splash is closed and you are on the project selection screen
  2. Never close the editor in the first place
  3. Replace this with a blank image and rebuild the editor. (Or modify the image in your downloaded bundle)


This made my day better. :joy:



Thanks! :slight_smile:
Since i’m not computer-savvy enough for solution number 3 i will go with number 1 and do some neck exercises after starting the editor. ( with the image still haunting me, knowing it’s there, somewhere, waiting to be seen )

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