Star field parallax


I’m making a top down view space game. I’m using Rendercam.

I need to make a star background with parallax (both position and scale, as you can zoom in and out).

My current solution is to place 9 sprites (3x3) in a game object and child it to the Rendercam game object. I then have a script that handles the movement and scale parallax. The 3x3 seamlessly looping grid means I can recenter the game object after sufficient movement.

I don’t like this solution because it feels janky, and the sprites have to be large to account for the maximum zoom-out.

I’d ideally have 2 or 3 layers (to give the illusion of some stars being closer than others), but would be happy with an elegant single layer solution.

How would you do this?

Hoping to nerd-snipe someone here… :pray:



This might be good place to start. I remember I had to modify it a lot of my current project, but I ended up with a very nice parallax effect.

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That sounds very promising, will check it out. Thanks!



Hey Alex,

just a side note. If you are aiming at some realism you don’t need more than ONE background layer; stars are usually very very distant, so distant that you don’t see any parallax in space but the movement of objects (ships, bullets…) against the background. If you are near a planet then the planet may have a different parallax but only it.

But, of course, if you want a 80’s star field scrolling then you need more levels. But it is just a wrong design propagating in the media… :slight_smile:




Point well taken - though very little in this game will be realistic…



You could always have stars on one layer and space debris, meteorites, comets and stuff on closer ones. That would still be wrong in a lot of ways, but for different reasons.



I think this is a perfectly good approach, as long as each sprite aligns properly with each other.

3x3 sprites suggests you can travel both horizontally and vertically I guess?

And by using sprites, I assume you have prerendered textures to switch between?
Are they all the same texture? (just positioned differently so that you can move and zoom in/out)

In any case, I’d like to highlight the possibility to use a screen space quad, that always
fills the screen perfectly. I don’t have a small example for you, but perhaps others can help here. Found this example.
You can use the shader to zoom in/out by scaling the uv coordinates. By doing so you can also produce multiple layers in the same quad by sampling the texture several times per pixel, each time with a scaled uv coordinate.
Anyways, just thought I should mention it. (Sounds like a fun task for someone to help experiment with :wink: )