Sprite scale/size should be editable (DEF-1186)


Are there any plans on making the scale/size of sprite component editable? I know it can be done during run-time, through code, but it woul be a blessing to be able to set it yourself when making different Game Objects.

The only other good option is to resize the sprite in its source file but I would much rather keep that one large and downscale it in the Defold editor to a good size instead. (Making collections of single game objects or scaling them one-by-one in a “scene” is kind of tedious) :v:


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added this to our backlog.


For now, there is a workaround and because of this we have lowered the priority. This is a good suggestion, so it will of course be implemented.

In the meantime, here is the workaround:

Create an extra object above your sprite, it will act solely as a scale object


Bumping this old request. It seems like very weird missing piece of the editor functionality. Building levels and objects would be much faster and easier if you didn’t have to scale sprites at runtime or make each one a child of an extra game object just to scale it.


I too would very much like to see this implemented. A temporary workaround is fine but almost two years later and there’s still no proper solution saddens me a bit :disappointed_relieved:


Any news about scale of the sprite component in the editor?


Not sure. @Ragnar_Svensson, @Ragnar_Dahlen, @mats.gisselson and @Erik_Angelin?


Since you can scale it with code, it seems odd that there is no way to set the default scale of a sprite in the editor.

Since scaling collision areas is proving complex (and may take time to implement). Being able to scale a sprite in the editor will assist in visually defining collision areas.


We will have a design meeting on Monday to discuss this. I really think we should get this fixed since it’s a recurring feature request. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


We’ve had a design meeting today and come up with a plan for how to proceed. We’ll do a quick investigation to double check that there are no side-effects and if everything goes well we should probably see this feature released in one or two engine releases (no promises yet though!).


I also ran into this yesterday and am looking forward to the feature :slight_smile:


up and vote up for this feature too.

and pivot position will be nice to have


I vote up for this feature.
Any news about it?


No, no news. It’s not planned or anywhere near the top of the backlog. You can work around this by nesting game objects (they are cheap).


Up. Any news? Workaround with another go, can’t be used everywhere. It can’t be used when i create a go file.(i can’t add child go). Using collection is not a sollution. Because i can’t add that collection for others go.