Spinescene property for spinemodel component

(It is not related to a problem, just a suggestion)
It would be great to have access to spinescene property in spinemodel component for runtime manipulations.

Same as for ordinary sprites:

Here is my case: I have a gameObject representing a Human spawned by a Factory. It has several spine animations in several Json files (because some of them have different set of bones and animations and they cannot be plased together in one Json )
for example :
1- child (seminude, without hairs, moving by crawling)
2- teenager (standing, have hair, different clothes, moving on skateboard)
3-adult (same as teenager, but moving on legs)
4-older one (moving using a stick, bending to ground)

If i have a chance to change a spinescene during lifetime of a unit (or guring spawn), i’ll be able to use only one Factory an one GO for all lifesycle and just change the spinescene in it during time. Without creating a unique factory for each age.

You can also have a Game Object with 4 spine scenes: child, teenager, adult and elderly.
When using the factory.create(), you can pass in a value (1-4, or the name) to the gameobject script init function, and let it disable the unused spine components

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Sounds good, but it was just a short sample. In real project i’m planning to use 25+ different animated states of a unit. And when it would be 200+ units with 25 spinemodels on each on one screen, it can be a problem for optimisation, i think