Spine transform constraints not working


Hi there. I’ve been using transform constraints in some of my spine animations and (possibly) since the release of Spine 3.7 they don’t seem to be working anymore. I have a month or so old project in which they work, but I’ve been trying to make them work in two new projects recently and they seem to be completely ignored by the engine now, although both skelletons are rigged in the same manner and the constraints are working as they should inside Spine itself. Also, exporting the old (working) project from Spine 3.7 still keeps the constraints intact, although some weird bone offsets are occuring that are not visible inside Spine.

Here are some videos. The little “X” asset attached to the target bone is so that it’s clear the animation is playing in engine, but the constrained bones are not being affected.
The animation playing inside Spine:

And in engine:

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Transform constraints is not something that Defold has support for, IK constraints should work however.

Can you share the Spine project, the working and non-working json files, together with the needed images so I can debug?

(You can share it with me through a PM if you don’t want it public.)



I was afraid that was the case. :sweat_smile:
Would be an useful feature to support. It’s a bit weird that I made transform constraints sort-of-work in the past, which in turn convinced me that they are supported.
I’ll send you the projects in a PM. I don’t know what could be done about it in this case though.