Space game (title TBD)


Let’s see if I can get another dev diaries thread going! I’ve completed Fates of Ort, and while I might add some more content over the next while, it’s time to look towards the skies for a new project…

And that’s exactly where I’ve landed. In space, that is. I will update this top post later on when things are a bit fleshed out, but the basic idea is this:

A space roguelike in a procedurally generated universe. You are operating a ship on a centuries long journey (faster than light travel does not exist), crewed by a motley assortment of various alien species. Not only will you need to manage resources and fight off threats, the very genetic makeup of your crew will need to be carefully managed to optimise skills and minimise mutations. The main sources of inspirations that I can imagine to describe it is a mix of FTL and Darkest Dungeon.



Nearly finished working on this particle effect system for my space game. The parameters for each explosion in this video are all the same, except for radius_modifier which alters the distribution of the particles in their spawn area.

I spawn particles around a given central point from which I draw a line in a random direction. The length of that line for each individual particle is randomised. I noticed particles visually clumped around the middle and wanted to have the option to change that.

This distribution makes sense because there is more area to cover the further out you get. I added radius_modifier so that it could be skewed towards the middle, or away from it. Value of 1 is regular random, <1 skews towards the middle, >1 skews towards the edge.

The other parameters I have available are:
Number of particles to spawn
Delay before particles start spawning
Frequency of spawning (time between each particle)
Frequency decay (so that spawning can go slow-to-fast or vice versa)
Animations - using Defold’s in-built animation system I can instruct animations of position, scale, rotation, etc.

A lot of what I’ve done is achievable using Defold’s animation and particle fx system, but this will give me more flexibility. Using this system I can spawn either sprites (like in the example above) or instances of particlefx components.

What do you think? Are there any other parameters you would add? Any considerations I’ve missed?