Sounds are being played delayed

I do not understand why but in my game, sfx are being played delayed. I do not mean a frame, 1-2 seconds, it is very noticeable. I am using a collection proxy, is it something would affect sound play?

Two potential issues I can think of:

  • Check that you’re not passing a sound delay argument:"#sound", { delay = 1 })
  • Check that your sound file doesn’t include a couple seconds of silence at the beginning, which is a rather common oversight.

I’ve also seen others claim that .wav files play faster than .ogg files, which is especially important for sound effects. Not sure if this is true or not.

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I have looked at two potential oversights that you have mentioned and they are not the case. I think .wav, .ogg thing is not the case since I tried to change the format. What can I do it feels like a major issue.

Never mind I fixed it, appearently when you pass nil for the sound_play_options, the delay is not 0 thx

That seems odd, as the code looks ok to me.
When no table is passed in, the delay is 0.
The code:

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I do not know, in my exact situation, ı skipped the param via passing nil like this:"#sound", nil, function() end)