Sound problem under 1.2.181

A few months ago I made a simple html game. The sound worked in both android and ios mobile browsers. Now, when I prepare the same game in version 1.2.181 - sound does not work on IOS (Safari and Chromium).

When I try to compile game in older version 1.2.165 I get error for all used sounds /main/main.collection
The file ‘null’ could not be loaded.

What is the problem ?

So no sound at all? Wav or ogg files? Can you share a minimal repro case?

We added a loop count option to sounds and this has modified your .sound and .collection files. If you remove the loop count entries from the files (version control or using text editor) you will be able to open them in an older editor again.

There are no sounds at all. I have now tested this on another simple example. I am using the ogg format.
Old compilations give sound on IOS (chrome and safari) but new compilations don’t

That sounds odd. If it was a general issue that it isn’t working on iOS, I would have expected a lot more reports about it. So I’m guessing its something a bit more nuanced.

Would you mind sharing your small test project with us?
You can zip the project folder (exclude the ./build and ./.git folders) and upload here or share with us in a PM.

Of course. Here - a simple example (376.6 KB)

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@Mathias_Westerdahl Do you have any information about this problem ?

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Not yet I’m afraid. I hope to be able to look into this today.
(And thanks for the test project!)

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BTW, it took me over 2 years to start working with Defold :slight_smile:
A few months ago I found some time and made my first game. Defold is a really great tool, I got my developers interested in it. Congratulations guys !


Thank you for the encouraging words!


@Mathias_Westerdahl what is the deal with this task ? I need it urgently :frowning:

The deal is that we have many tasks to do, and we try to prioritize them best as we can.
Like I said, I hoped to look into it this friday, but I got caught up with other tasks.

I have now tried it on iOS, both native and in an iOS browser (Safari and Firefox), and the app plays the sound. I use the 1.2.181 editor to bundle the app.

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Sure, I understand that. Thank you for the information.
Did you run my example or did you do your test ?

I ran your example.

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it is strange. Thank you very much.
I’ll run Defold on another computer and check it. It cannot be a problem with my phone as there is sound in the old version. I will let you know when I find the cause

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I understand ! Thank you

I did the same and tested on an iPhone running iOS 14 something and heard a sound when pressing the red box in your test app.