Sound format question

I’m at that point in development where I’ve started looking into disk space optimizations.
The manual about sound specifies “the file should be in Wave or Ogg Vorbis format. Defold supports sound files saved at 16bit bit depth and with a sampling rate of 44100”.

Is the 44100 sampling rate the maximum? Can I use a lower 32000 for example?

Which format would you recommend for sound FX? I was always under the impression that wav are good for fx and ogg for background music. Is this still the case?

If you have a lot of audio you can use FMOD to heavily compress it all. Like from 100MB to 20MB is possible while still sounding decently. You can also do different compression profiles too for say mobile/web/desktop. Fully free for indies now!

Compression profiles for audio, similar to texture profiles, would be a great thing to add to Defold.