Some [not so new] features for the code editor


Maybe these are kind of selfish requests, sorry if that’s the case.

  1. Remember the last state of opened tabs and visibility filters, so you can start working right where you left.


  1. Add scroll past the end in the code editor. I think almost any current editor has it.

  2. Enable SHIFT + ENTER to start a new line down and CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to start a new line up ignoring the autocompletition
    Sometimes I want to press enter to jump to a new line but there is the autocompletition and I need to press an arrow key to make it go away.

  3. Move a line up or down in the code editor with ALT + ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN

  4. Autoclose stuff like parenthesis or ends like after pressing enter after a then the end tag is added automatically.

After some years in programming I’m still a noob but I kind of like this engine over Unity or Godot. I’ve tried those but couldn’t finish anything. And with Defold even though there aren’t as many tutorials I’ve been able to finish what I’ve wanted. I really wish it to be more popular.

Well, that’s it.



Thank you for the suggestions! I know that at least some of them are on our list of improvements already!

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