Some lingering engine issues


We need to be able to block/re-purpose the X button to close (mostly want it on Windows). This way we could for example display a dialogue in game to confirm closing instead of exiting immediately. This is important for some kinds of games. If players want to close immediately we can still give them alt+f4 ourselves. If we had access to a callback for X button that would be enough. Maybe it could be added to DefOS, I don’t know right now.

Handle WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN message and use WM_NCHITTEST to check it the click is about to be delivered to HTCLOSE control (this is what your red [X] resolves to). Or alternatively, handle WM_NCHITTEST itself and prevent from discovering HTCLOSE part of your window GUI by replacing return value with something else

On Windows “GLFW Window” displays a moment before the engine initializes. This could be fixed a number of ways. Either edit the source to change this text to a single space " " or when we build a custom version of the engine use the title in game.project and replace the “GLFW Window” text with that. We have to manually hex edit this string to all spaces if we don’t want to show it. Polish details like these are noticed by players and to me it screams “the devs didn’t care enough to polish this game because they left a default string in place”. Please at least someone with access to the source replace the default string with a single space. That would be enough to fix this annoyance.


Engine still pauses when minimized, resized, maximized. This still means PC multiplayer games cannot be made well with Defold. There are ways to deal with this but they are very annoying and unprofessional to force on players. If this is ever fixed I’ll release a suite of games to play on LANs or with your Steam friends.



We’ll replace current window title on Windows, OSX and Linux with an empty string -> DEF-3903.

Yep, we’ll investigate this soon.