[SOLVED] HTML5 bundles => weird game object ids


(not sure this is a bug, maybe it’s an expected issue but the behavior remains weird, so… you tell me)

In another post, I realized different camera behaviors depending on the context:
1/ Defold + “local” html5 version
2/ “live” html5 bundles

I thought I fixed the issue, but in the end, some unexpected behavior remains, so…

After a deeper investigation, I realized something super weird.

The game object ids are not the same in both contexts :zipper_mouth_face:

The camera id in Defold and “local” html5 version:
=> “/camera_001” ok

But in “live” html5 bundle:
=> “XXXXXX (unknown)” wtf

I suppose that in 99% of situations it’s ok, but in my code I check if the “expected” camera_id is contained in the game object_id (for some reason)…
… and now I understand why it didn’t work.
In html5 bundles, the string is not contained because the game object id has a different format.

But only in html5 bundles.

So I’m wondering… Is this a known issue? Is this even an issue?
(in my case it is, but from Defold perspective maybe not)

Is it possible to get the correct object_id in “live” html5 builds?


The “local” build is actually a bundle build. They’re built the same way, using bob.jar.

How do you test your bundled version?

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I’ve added a separate section on the differences between debug and release builds here:


I’m not sure what you are up to but maybe you can get different cams like this?:

    local cams = {
        [1] = hash("CAM 1"),
        [2] = hash("CAM 2")

    local current_cam = cams[1]

    -- or

    local cams = {
        [hash("CAM 1")]= {
            x = 0,
            y= 0,
        [hash("CAM 2")]= {
            x = 0,
            y= 0,

    local current_cam = cams[hash("CAM 1")]

And please do not share your code as a screenshot. It is hard to read and understand.


Hi guys! Thank you for your answers

@Mathias_Westerdahl Sorry I’m a bit lost with the terminology (because I didn’t know exactly how it worked, so I used the terms as they come to my mind). What I called “live” html5 bundle is, well… when you create the bundle, upload it tp a server and test it online, via an url etc. (or offline with wamp etc. I suppose it works - hmm maybe I should try this :thinking:).

@britzl That was the issue indeed!
Good to know this is something “known”, it helped me fix the issue.
It’s an honor to be part of Defold documentation :v: :sunglasses:

Yeah, I ended up directly using the hashed stuff this time (and it fixed the issue). I initially thought that my “string.find etc.” trick was clever but in the end, it wasn’t… at all :sweat_smile:
+I didn’t think it would be a problem to share a 1 single-line screenshot, but ok noted! I won’t next time.


Out of the scope but any string operations generally considered as expensive. Avoid as much as possible.