(SOLVED) GPGS problems

Hello everyone, I am starting to implement google play game services to my game but I am facing a number of problems. I initially met the problem on my project but I had similar issues with the example project.

The first thing is that, despite the editor being able to suggest the functions related to gpgs when I type “gpgs.” in the default code editor, I get a build error stipulating that gpgs is nil when running the app on wifi bridge mode.

However this problem isn’t persistent when I bundle the app and install it on my device. It is only when I bridge, but with further testing I noticed more problems with the example app.

When I installed the example apk on my device plugged in with adb logcat I noticed that, despite the main menu text node displaying that GPGS “Is Supported”, very few things actually reacted. No login, no events, no achievments, no snapshot, no leaderboard. Sometimes the app doesn’t react at all, sometimes it starts displaying some text and then nothing. No crash or even error messages in the debug log, simply not doing what it is supposed to do.

I assume I made the installation on my project correctly (app registered, gpgs enabled on play console etc…) If the example project has such difficulties it must be either my device or the newest version? Do you have this problem too?

Thanks for reading!

Note that gpgs is only available on Android.
Which platform are you testing on?

I only use android devices, and my computer is Windows

Where did you get the apk from? Remember that you need to build a version of YOUR project with the extensions you wish to use. You can check the “Contentless Bundle” in the bundle dialog to get an empty application with extensions and no game content, suitable for connecting to.

And every time you make a change to game.project or extensions you need to rebuild the apk.

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Alright that was this, I had to use contentless bundle instead of bundling the game. Thanks for your help!

Huh, this shouldn’t matter. It should work as long as you are using an up-to-date bundle of your game. A contentless bundle is smaller and will be a bit easier to work with, but both should work.