Solar2D (CoronaSDK) - Help to porting to Defold

Hi everyone,

I’m a Solar2D developer who has joined the Defold team because Solar2D doesn’t have enough support for HTML5 games. I hope to learn Defold in order to migrate my games from Solar2D. Both engines use Lua for coding, but Defold’s structure is more robust and complex than Solar2D’s.

I wish I could count on some of you to guide me on how to do it. I’ve only been learning Defold for a few days, and although I’m already making progress, I still have a long way to go before I can understand this engine well enough to start migrating my games made with Solar2D.

I would be very grateful if those who have had experience with this could help me.

Thanks in advance

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I think you need to start by trying out some of the Defold tutorials. You can access them from the welcome screen of the editor when you select New Project. You can also find tutorials on the website:

Once you’ve started learning Defold please ask specific questions here on the forum or on Discord. There are plenty of people here to help you, but you need to ask specific questions. Good luck!