Slime Defense - Idle Tower Defense

Hey guys!

I’ve finally released my game to the stores. It’s been a long time coming with development taking about 7 months.

Here are the links:

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Game Description
Slimes have appeared from a mysterious cave and you, the Captain, have decided to help the Princess from destruction! Unfold the mysteries of the cave as you defeat waves of slimes with powerful towers!

In this idle tower defense game, you will strategically place towers, upgrade them with powerful runes, and use powerful skills to defeat endless waves of monsters. Periodically, you will lead an expedition through the dungeons to find out who is behind all of this! Do you have what it takes to protect the castle?

Defold Review
I think I’ve definitely pushed (some) limits as to what Defold is capable of. The engine itself is really easy to use after getting the hang of it, so I strongly recommend it for 2D games. I have no regrets in choosing Defold to make my first game.
Not everything was a positive experience though. There were times when I had to use workarounds to accomplish what I needed, but in my experience, there’s always one workaround. And also, there were times when I had to wait for bugs and bugs to get fixed to continue my work, but the team is always very responsive.
All in all, I would use Defold for a second project. So, thank you very much for all your work!

P. S. Let me know if you need some tips to accomplish certain things I did in my game! I’m always willing to help :smiley:


Nice! Congrats on releasing your first Defold game!


Cool game! Congratulation!

@sven can’t stop playing:


Haha :smiley: Was trying to do this gif:

I’m super impressed how much content the game has! :clap: Great job! Thanks for the feedback on Defold as well. :+1:

Now back to playing…


I wanted to play but I think I hit a few bugs. If you don’t mind I want to share them.

I tap once (not twice) on building zone and its get stuck with this info box on tutorial. I couldn’t manage to go on so I restart the game.

I can’t see the enemies. They are not visible or they are somewhere else? Maybe the custom material or custom render script cause this?

Some fonts(Loading and this one) has this weird background color. Are you using custom material with these fonts?



Game crashes (on Android) when I try to remove rune from the tower.


Cool game. Can’t stop play))


Might need to delay next release of Defold because of this, productivity dropped at the office.


Honestly, who’s the boss in the Defold office?! Get to work, ya slackers! * shakes fist *


I’m guessing the boss is playing too.


Combine rune not worked. It close game. Look’s like exception


Oh wow guys. Thank you so much for playing the game and enjoying it so much :grin: This made my day!

@selimanac Thank you for your bug reports! I will fix the first one but the second one is weird…
I’ve fixed the invisible slime problem by building with a previous version of Defold, but I’ve not seen the font one yet. What device do you have? And no, I’m using a builtin one for fonts.

@AGulev Yes! It’s a known bug and has been fixed for an update I’m preparing. Thank you!

@d954mas Yep! Same problem… The problem is with the physics world count. It’s too low and it’s crashing when displaying another screen


What device are you running on here? If it’s the builtin font I’d like to see if we can fix it. It might be precision problems, but in any case I doubt it happens on most devices so if it’s a fairly common device I could perhaps look at it.

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Opps! Sorry.
It is iPad 3 with iOS 9.3.5. But I’m always testing my Defold developments on this device. Didn’t bundle anything recently with latest Defold releases but I never saw those problems before.


I should have brought my charger to work today…


It may be because I’m using Defold 1.2.155… In the release notes, 1.2.156 seems to change precision, which I’m not sure if that would solve the problem.

I’m using 1.2.155 right now because building with any newer version makes the slimes invisible, so the towers attack a moving invisible target… It gave me a headache to debug this.

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Huh, that doesn’t sound too good :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If possible, could you provide a small repro case? You can share with or if you’d like and we’ll take a look at it.


Mmm, I don’t have any devices that have the bug, personally. So it’s hard to replicate it on my end. But I’ll prepare something nonetheless!

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Do you know what devices that have the issue? We have a slew of devices at our disposal here so maybe we can reproduce it at our end somehow.


On the Android side, the Samsung Galaxy J2 had the problem (the one I debugged with). On the iOS side, a user reported the same issue with the iPhone 5.
I’ll prepare the code and send it to you soon!