Side scroller tutorial will not work

I keep receiving this error. I have restarted the tutorial twice, and this is the only error that is occuring. Is this a known error, or have i made a mistake within the script?

[quote]ERROR:SCRIPT: stars/factory.script:22: Component expected to be of type 'factoryc' but was 'collectionfactoryc'
stack traceback:
  [C]:-1: in function create
  stars/factory.script:22: in function <stars/factory.script:12>[/quote]

Code as follows:

local frequency = 0.5
local bonus_prob = 0.2
local min_y = 60
local max_y = 600

function init(self)
	self.timer = 1/frequency
	-- make the game deterministic

function update(self, dt)
	self.timer = self.timer - dt
	if self.timer <= 0 then
		self.timer = 1/frequency
		local p = go.get_position()
		p.y = vmath.lerp(math.random(), min_y, max_y)
		local component = "#star_factory"
		if math.random() < bonus_prob then
			 component = "#bonus_factory"
		factory.create(component, p)

The error message says that you are trying to use a factory but it is in fact a collectionfactory.

Try collectionfactory.create()instead.

Or even better, check your game object and verify that you are using a Factory and not a Collectionfactory.