Short urls for projects


How about using one of the defold domains for short urls… (there are other extensions available especially one popular with tech people which would work great to be used for this hint hint)

Let us set a Defold community project to a certain shorturl to link to the current project git zip listed, with links validated that they point to proper projects.

So we could have for example and be able to type that into the dependencies list and it would be just that much easier to add dependencies without needing the full links.

Not super needed but would be cool and useful.

Of course typing names of libs into the defold editor and having some to pick from would be even better.


Cool feature request! And something for @Axel and @samuel.nystedt to look at.

Improving the way libs are added to the editor is already planned if I’m not mistaken (right @Axel?)


Here’s a mockup I made for general idea a while ago


Agree to this! Drawing inspiration from your idea, I did some design work a while back together with the editor team, which resulted in the following images.