Shader works in IDE but not runtime

My Shader works when in the IDE but at runtime I don’t see anything. Any idea what I need to do to fix it so it works at runtime?

IDE gives me this:


All I’ve done was create the shader by copying the built in default sprite shader. Then edited the Fragment Program. Vertex Program is unchanged. And I haven’t touched the render script. I did move the shader to a new folder location and renamed it.

Does it show up if you switch it to the default sprite material? Any errors or warnings in the console?

Since it was a quick edit of the built-in shaders, I’d say this is a result of forgetting to change properties in the material file or specifying the new shader in your sprite component. If you’re using a new tag, also remember to draw its predicate in the render script.


Thank you. It was the tags. I’m completely new to shaders and had no idea that the tag had to be in the render script.