Shader ripple effect

I want someone to create a simple demo for me.

The demo should have a background image,

Game objects are created… At random locations… after a timeout they disappear.

Now the next part is what I want the demo for…

When the game object disappears I want the background and surrounding area to display a shockwave… Also want to be able to specify the radius of the shockwave
Something like the shockwave on this page…

The project is successful when your demo runs here on my PC and on my android phone.

Probably fairly straight forward for someone with experience of this library.

If you contact me with a price and timescale… Thanks.

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It was me who committed this, so you can let me know, if you would like to use it and I will try to help, price: 0, but you must accept that I have limited time :smiley:


That would be most helpful of you indeed :slight_smile:

I saw a shockwave effect done in this love2d game…

Then I came across the article here… so I want to be able to make the shockwave happen when an alien is destroyed in the background…

Thankyou for your help…

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That help didn’t materialise.
I wondered if anyone would like to help under the original paid offer.

Update: ok I found someone who can do this.

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