Defragments - a library of Defold shaders

It would be great if we could have a library of working shaders with examples in Defold, what do you think about such initiative?

@britzl started a great library:,

@Pkeod has a great library:

@Vincent introduced a blur shader: Blur shader example

@aglitchman shared awesome trails effects: Hyper Trails - customizable trail effect

I hope you’ll find time to develop further, guys :wink:

I’m not so advanced in shaders, but I have adopted few 2D shaders from Shadertoy for post-processing of a single image (I think they should work on 3D render too) based on Shadertoy examples (links in fragment programs).
I hope it would be great for new devs who would like to apply some cool effects! :slight_smile:

Because those are modified fragment programs I’m calling them:


(Logo made with designevo)

Defragments is just a library of simple examples with fragment programs from Shadertoy adopted to work in Defold. Fragment programs are modifying a sprite in post-processing.

It is available to download here and contributions are welcome :smiley: :

I’ve made examples in a form of game objects, so you can just replace the main go with other and build for instant result:


I have the latest Defold… I downloaded the top two Lumiere and deffx.

when I try to load the game.project… Defold closes.

Is it just me ?

Do you perhaps have any more info?

Versio running on Windows 10

Click “open from disk”

Select lumiere-master\game.project

Defold closes…

New Log file below… (4.2 KB)

Something to do with the path length perhaps ? I have defold installed off of my desktop directory.

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I moved Defold… to a shorter path… seems to load the project now… perhaps this is an error that should be caught.:innocent:

Lumerie project when I run it comes up with an error missing
…local outline = require “lumiere.effects.outline.outline”

DefFx - When I run it I see a little sprite bobbing up and down… no matter what I click or press not much else happens.

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