Setting background (SOLVED)


I have started to create some levels and playing around with different art work.

I have created a atlas that I have added a animation for Background and some monsters that I want to have on the level.

Then I have a collection where I put everything in. But when I build I get this error and not sure where to debug it.

ERROR:GAMESYS: Default animation 'Background' not found
WARNING:RESOURCE: Unable to create resource: /_generated_f4934360.spritec
WARNING:RESOURCE: Unable to create resource: /_generated_e090c84f.goc
ERROR:GAMEOBJECT: Could not instantiate game object from prototype /_generated_e090c84f.goc.
WARNING:RESOURCE: Unable to create resource: /main/alien.collectionc
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Can you send a screen shot of your Atlas?



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Try changing playback from none to once forward ?



didn’t work. Looks like my collection files can’t find what is inside the atlas. If I try the flying alien I get same fault.

Flying alien have 8 fps and looping forward as settings.

I do some more reading and will see if I can figure it out.



Can you share a small project so that I can have a look?



Will try to make it later today.

It worked if I created a tilesource and then created a tilemap with it. Then added it to my collection.



Could it be a typo?
Background -> background



Tried a different project I have and then atlas and background worked. I will mark this as solved and I will try to understand the different.

thank you for your help.

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