Set off particle fx at tile position


Hi guys, part of my game takes place in a tilemap. I want to set off particle effects at certain points. Is there a way to get a specific tile and then set off a particle effect there programatically? Cheers


You need to manually calculate the world position of a tile I’m afraid. We have no API functions to help you with this.


To position a particle fx at the center of a tile I think it would be something like this

x = (tile_width * tile_position.x) - (tile_width / 2)
y = (tile_width * tile_position.y) + (tile_width / 2)

If you want to be able to click a tile you can get the cell x by doing (assuming no offset)

function round(num)
    under = math.floor(num)
    upper = math.floor(num) + 1
    underV = -(under - num)
    upperV = upper - num
    if (upperV > underV) then
        return under
        return upper

cell_x = round(click.x/ tile_width) * tile_width

I can make a working example later


Thanks, that’s super helpful.