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When create a new project on dashboard i can start from blank project or from tutorial. It will be awesome if i can start from one of my projects. For example i use same libs, and file structure in all my project. So now i copy-paste this from one project to other. But if i can create a sample project, then start all other projects from this template project it will be very comfortably


That’s a good idea! @Erik_Honn (or is it @erik.honn?) maybe something we can consider?


Essentially a “clone project” feature? Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. We will be redoing some dashboard related stuff soon, I’ll put this on the list of things to consider!


UP. I really want that feature=)


Thank you for your feedback. We are revising and evaluating the entire dashboard and project hosting functionality. We see that more and more users are hosting their projects on GitHub and we need to either improve on the dashboard experience or find a way to more tightly integrate the editor with other project hosting solutions (GitHub).