Script property question - why no strings?


I see the string type is not included on script properties. Why is that?



I knew there was a reason, but I couldn’t find any explanation, thanks.

The issue I was running into is I store IDs of object in my game as UUID’s, and wanted to set the id as a property. But I use messages to set them after they’re created, so I have a workaround.


You can have urls as properties:"object", msg.url())


would I be able to use a UUID in this, or does it have to be a url object?

I have a working solution for me. But being able to store the UUID in a property would simplify things for me.


The UUID is a string right? Strings won’t work, so no, the URL solution is a no go. And I assume it can’t be a number since it’s too large?


UUID is a string correct, and they contain alpha characters. No worries, I have a working solution.