Schooling Fish - My First Game with Defold


I have been intending to make a post here to share my first project with Defold. So here it is, finally.

This was basically built upon like, 10 of the examples projects and some other sources, which you will see at use in the game.

I did design some interesting things myself such as the player movement, sound control module with persistent gui interface, and the game mechanics - which are admittedly easy due to the wife and kids having difficulty with more jellyfish. :roll_eyes:

Please don’t judge my flip-book animations. I am not an artist.:sweat_smile:

It uses swipe to control(or click and drag to simulate on pc)
tip: farther swipe == faster speed

The game could use a lot of things such as better animation effects, particles fx, achievements, levels, or things like that - but, I am not that skilled yet. :smiley: Maybe someday - as I plan to keep making more(and better) games with Defold.

Happy Game Making Everyone!


Thank you for sharing your first experience with Defold! It’s always encouraging to read how new users approach Defold and see what they can create. Keep it up!


Defold / King, and the people here in the forums have been encouraging to me. :smiley:

Glad to share.


Well it’s been another month or so since I posted my first game with Defold. I did one little project with 3d rendering which included an implementation of particle effects, and updated my sound control module to include a bug fix that came with a Defold update.

Sadly, I have not had much more time to use Defold despite having plenty of good ideas.

Anyways - I haven’t quit Defolding yet, and this game will receive some updates at some point and time.

I will be around, and back here eventually. Hopefully I will be using more Defold in the meantime.


Ehh… I only made some edits reviewing this old post… looks like the thread got bumped anyways.:confused:

I guess here is a fun highlight from the code for the shark since we are here now:

if self.fed ~= true then  --shark did not eat
	if self.anim_sad ~= hash("") then, "play_animation", { id = self.anim_sad })
elseif self.fed == true then --shark ate player
	if self.anim_happy ~= hash("") then, "play_animation", { id = self.anim_happy })

I am working on a new game lately, this will probably stay the way it is. A record of my starting last year.


Could you tell us a bit more? What kind of game is it?


Yes, of course! I was actually in the process of creating a new thread about it.