A Simple Puzzle Game for Kids


I thought I would make a thread here to collaborate with other Defold users for feedback/advice - Since, most people look at me funny when I mention anything about sprite constants, or vector4’s.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am working on a very basic puzzle game for children and parents(no pun intended there).

The goal for this game is to be my first release on Google Play, and to monetize with IAP.

The Original Proof of Concept has the basic game framework where the player matches pieces to empty slots.


There is still a long way to go… but it’s being made with Defold, so it’s going to be awesome.:+1:

old HTML5 Beta Version
latest Google Play Release!

Schooling Fish - My First Game with Defold

You should only seed once and then preferably throw away the first few (1 or 2) numbers and then the distribution should be better.

Good luck on the project btw!


Can’t wait to see the full version @decoded !!!


Thanks for the tip!

Does the seed apply to the whole project?

EDIT: Never-mind this. I did some testing and see that it does.:smiley:

It will still be a while. I keep getting new ideas :tired_face:

But good news! It’s now my first game on Google Play(closed alpha) and I can start getting IAP’s set up.


I know, this game is childs play to seasoned gamers/developers - but we all gotta start somewhere!:wink:

New Features Added

  • Added random “twist” to orientation of puzzle pieces so they are never the same.
  • Added random color to the puzzle overlay, so it’s a new color every time there is a new puzzle.
  • Added async load to proxies for smoother sound transition.
  • Added fade in / fade out to most screen transitions.
  • Updated font for less fuzziness and better legibility.
  • Google IAPs fully implemented
  • Added listener event on fresh installs that will auto restore IAPs
  • Implemented saving of progress and purchases
  • Added “piece progression” which starts with 4 pieces. Every 3 plays unlocks a new piece.
  • A bunch of other updates to some other little things…

Also introducing - “Stuart, the Superstar”

He helps clean up the pieces when a puzzle is completed.:rofl:

The first release will include OBJECTS only.
All of the ANIMALS are being moved to proper habitats, in a separate version of game.

Also on a unrelated side-note, I got my first shadertoy conversion to work in Defold!


That’s pretty sweet! Good job!


Too many new features to list… :rofl:
Updated screenshots in first post and added playable demo of progress so far.


I released this game on Google Play back in February, but never got any downloads. I must have overlooked marketing? lol

It was only available in countries where English is the primary language, but I’ve now made it available globally. I’ve also disabled the Store/IAP functions, and unlocked all of the puzzle boards. :smiley:

We can use that stuff in my next game, which hopefully will be more entertaining for the older crowd :wink:


It is really hard to get noticed nowadays with several thousand apps released every day. Marketing muscle is a must. But for a niche game or a game intended for a very specific audience I think you can get installs through targeted marketing and reaching out through channels where your audience hangs out.


Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try that.

This game was mostly just a learning adventure for me. Pretty successful at that, but, I think I’m ready to start something new. Perhaps with a professional artist and some marketing muscle behind it :wink: