Save bundle options per project


When working on multiple projects it’s easy mixing up the various keys and profiles when bundling.

Would it be possible that the bundle settings were saved per project, rather than globally?

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Yes, perhaps we could add that as an option. Although I think many developers actually want the same settings for multiple projects.

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On iOS the provisioning profile is project specific, and if you’re testing on Google Play you also have to submit a unique key per project I think.

I bumped into the problem when I accidentally used the wrong provisioning profile when bundling, and Testflight threw an error.



No, I don’t think so. At least not in the past. I think I recall something about sharing data between apps which required the apps to be signed with the same certificate.

Yes, usually. We probably made some design decision that is more in line with how we use provisioning profiles at King. We use an Apple enterprise developer program per office and a wildcard provisioning profile that can be used to install any app on any device. This works well while developing, and when bundling for release or testing we do it from the command line where we specify the release profile etc



Hard core. :sweat_smile: